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The Nanny DVD Series


The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast is a TV show on the NBC network running from 1974-1984. The name is derived from the main content of the program, where Dean Martin would "roast" a celebrity guest together with other celebrity guests. The guest of honor would get the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast treatment from all the guests at the table. The show came about because The Dean Martin show was waning in popularity in 1973 and the producers at NBC thought of this show mimicking the roasts held at the New York Friars' Club in New York City.

Dean Martin's involvement would be less, and more celebrity guests would attract the audience. The show proved to be popular and when the contract for The Dean Martin Show ended in 1973, NBC drew up a contract with Dean Martin to do several special roasts. They proved to be so popular and in 1974, The Dean Martin Show was made an official title on NBC, and filming was moved to the MGM Grand Hotel's Ziegfeld Room in Las Vegas. The title of the show would change each week to reflect the celebrity guest being roasted. For example, if it were Joe Namath, the title of the week would be The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Joe Namath.

Through the years, many celebrities have been roasted on The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. The "roastees" each week would be termed "Man of the Hour" or "Woman of the Hour". Some notable celebrities who have been roasted twice include: Jack Klugman, Joe Namath, Redd Foxx and Michael Landon. There was only ever one posthumous roast - George Washington was roasted for the upcoming United States bicentennial. The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts DVD set was subsequently released and they proved to be one of the most popular DVD sets ever sold.

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